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Mozambique Pomene Trip Dec 2020

Mozambique Pomene Trip Dec 2020


Things have been too quiet because of Covid_19, so it was great to get away to Pomene for a week of fishing

with the Baker brothers.


Tim, Jose and I fished up the 50 miles to Pomene leaving at 04h30 on the 16th Dec with the SE on our right shoulder on Rocknrolla, Jeremy was coming down from Vilanculos by 4x4, and would meet us there with supplies.


Shortly after we left, the rain started, and continued for the next 6 hours. You got to love fishing, to persist on a centre console boat with no cover. Eventually Tim was in the centre console battery hatch, with legs and feet sticking out the door. I was on the wheel and Jose was my wingman, on one motor, lines in. At least it wasn’t cold, with temperatures in the high 20o C.


Times like that you need an autopilot, but that was not to be. Picked up a reasonable Yellowfin Tuna, A king and Queen mackerel, and a Yellow spot kingfish (trevally) for our troubles. Conditions were challenging, and arrived at the estuary of Pomene at 16h00 wet, cold and generally miserable.


December, January and February are unpredictable months, because it is officially Hurricane season. Rain and wind are things to expect in this time, but generally the fishing is still good.


After cleaning fish, a few beers, and a hot meal, we were asleep, and up at 4 next morning. No sun and rain greeted us, but we were keen to find the fish. Tim and Jeremy didn't include rain jackets in their provisions, but brought a truck load of fishing tackle, petrol, beers and meat. They rigged up with some modified dustbin bags, allowing for head and arms to be exposed, and off we went.


When you get to a place that you haven't fished in a while, you need to find the fish. When you find the fish, you need to determine what

baits/lures to catch them. These guys are poppers and jiggers, so we went north to see where and what. Got another Yellowfin and two Dorado’s,

and lots of skipjack tuna, which was released. Every day spent fishing is a good day, but we didn’t get what we wanted, so lines up at 16h00

back to base, and plan for the next day.


What do you know, next day rain and wind again. We went east to some deeper reefs, but conditions were difficult. Jigging and popping

Is not easy when the swell is up, but we caught and released an est. 35 kg Black marlin which picked up a trapstick bait as we were bringing in the lines for a reset. Jeremy got to that rod first, so it pays to be vigilant and expecting the unexpected. We also got some rockcod on the plastics and 11 skipjack and little eastern tuna while popping for yellowfin tuna.(they were released)


That night braai, beers and sleep.....full day.


Sat 19th, went north again, coming off a marlin release, you tend to go back to find him again. Once again rain and wind.

The rubbish bags were holding up quite well, with modifications of some cord to prevent the flapping. New day generally had a new bag- luckily, they brought enough of those.

Got Yellowfin Tuna, rockcod and one king mackerel (sera or Carvalho) for the pot and released loads more skipjack and little eastern tuna.


Sunday the weather calmed and the fish came on the bite. We ended the tally with 19 edibles. From Sera to Big eye Trevally to Dorado to GT to Jobfish and Yellow spot Trevally. The bigger GT's reefed us and broke the lines. Good time was had by all and it was the first day we didn’t get wet.


Jeremys wife drove down from Vila, so we all decided on a rest day. Freezers were once again taking strain, so the fish we had was transported to the closest town (one and a half hours away) and my mate George drove up from Maxixe to collect the fish and take it to my freezers back at Silver Fish Lodge. It's an ongoing problem in Pomene. Place is remote and no grid power.

When you run on solar with past due batteries and no sun, it gets challenging.


Had one more day with Dorado, Sera and Jobfish, then the next day came back down to Siler Fish lodge with the NE pushing strong. Rough seas. Had a marlin strike, but didn’t stick, and then in the shallows picked up more sera, a great barracuda, and another dorado.


Pomene done and dusted again. Great place, can’t wait to go again. Great to fish with people who know what they are doing, and I don’t have to spend my day tying knots and I can then also fish a bit..... 3 people works well on that boat.

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