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It's all about the fish.... or is it

Etienne Admin |04 Mar, 2020 | 0 Comments | Return|

Just come back from our Annual Grand Slam Trip to Watamu, Kenya. We go every February, and this year 3 groups accompanied me. The goal was to catch as many Billfish as possible, but also try and get at least 3 different billfish species in 24 hours.

After all is said and done, we managed to release 6 marlin (5 Blues and a Striped) and 5 sailfish in 12 days fishing from Neptune, captained by Angus Paul, and his competent crew of James, Chilly and Gaffer. 4 guys got their first Marlin, and 2 guys got their first Sailfish. 
We raised 29 billfish in the time fishing. Two days we didn't see or raise a billfish. On 4 days we got the 2 out of the 3 billfish needed for the Grand Slam, only to be struck out by the bell. We didn't attempt to go for Broadbill, which is usually done at night.One boat did, and was rewarded with 4 all between 70 and 90 kgs.....There were the usual variety of by catch; Dorado, Wahoo, Tuna- but that doesn't count.

Blue Marlin got a Super Grand Slam (Black Marlin,Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin,and 2 sailfish) Tarka got a Grand Slam (Blue,Black and a sailfish), and Alleycat got 5 Blue Marlin from 8 raised, and 2 from 2 sailfish. This all in one day, in Feb while we were there. Excellent fishing....some of the best in the world- lucky anglers to be on those boats those days.

There was a boat down south, by Shimoni, that hooked up to a 1000 pound plus Black Marlin, and subsequently got spooled on a 80# vsw. 

The fish are around, and February is the month to go. You just gotta bring your luck, and you gotta spend time in the chair.....

Months of planning, days of travel, near death experience taxis,the expense not only of the trip, but of the business not making money when you are not there, then the hours- sometimes days of sitting waiting..... waiting. And then all of a sudden, the chaos, adrenalin and excitement, beyond anything you know, of the fight with the Marlin. This is what makes it all worth while. You won't understand it until you experience it.

Of course it's about the fish- it always will be. You will always want a bigger one,but fishing is not always about catching. It's about the comradery, friendships built, the travel to new places, the expectation, the leaving the office and social media alone for the's about so many things.I'm fortunate to do what I do, and will with Gods grace continue as long as my health is good.

Was it a success?, yes..... by all means- did we want to catch more?- of course- will we be back? bet your bottom dollar.

Once you raise a Marlin into your spread, have it strike, get a hookup, fight it, release it to fight another day, then everything else is a bonus. That is why it's the ultimate fish to fight.

February 2021 we go again. Early bird gets the best times of the month, and the best boats. I'll start with reservations in May- 25% deposit secures.
3 days fishing zar 27k p.p. , 4 days fishing zar 32k p.p. - Groups of 3.(prices are subject to exchange rate fluctuations). Prices include Flights ex Jhb ZA, Accommodation 5 nights,Boat hire, food.

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