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Upgrades to Silver Fish Lodge Mozambique July 2018

I opened for business 10 years ago, and thought the time is right for an upgrade before the summer season of 2018.

I’ve taken in a friend as an investor, who is accustomed to comfort. It’s a symbiotic relationship because he needs to entertain his clients at a certain standard, and so by combining my experience in the field and his countless stays at hotels and resorts, we are striving to make Silver Fish Lodge better than it has ever been with some fresh input and ideas.

After suffering a setback in February 2017 with Cyclone Dineo, it’s good to know that those are distant memories. It’s also good to know that although some people were wiped out in this process, we are confident in the future of tourism in Mozambique.

Though we still cater for a max of 16 guests, and are still totally off the grid here’s what we did to make your stay even better.

Boats have been refurbished and engines overhauled. This is an on-going process.

We added a 3900w solar power generation plant to supplement the existing 1600w system we had. Power is more stable and stronger for additional needs. Lighting at night is improved. Fridges and freezers and storage for ice has improved.

We installed a new Stainless-Steel pressure pump to drive the gas showers.

We rebuilt the Bar and Restaurant deck that was wiped out with the storm, and have put a new roof back.

Next is new canvas pulldowns for the bar, more new fridges, new music system and replacing most of the wall of fame fishing photos that we lost. Memorabilia is being replaced.

Our two front houses will be getting air conditioners, and a kitchenette area. In the kitchenette area, there will be a kitchen top, kettle, cupboard with utensils and crockery, and a small fridge. Thanks to the ladies for your input.

New linen and décor is coming.

A new braai has been built, and we are waiting for a new rotisserie braai to be brought from Souvla braai in Johannesburg to bring in some fresh ideas, like rotisserie chicken and fish. 

A new TV with DSTV is coming to the bar so guests can stay current with the latest sporting events.

I look forward to these positive changes that are happening, as we continue to improve with time.

September is always sailfish season, November is when the marlin come, December is silly busy, January and Feb is when the rains come, but the fishing is still good, March and April is Easter time, May is usually a little quiet, and June is when we have the best water clarity for spearfishing. For returning guests I am only looking for a 25% deposit to secure dates. Get your bookings in now to avoid disappointment, and for December, book 10-12 months in advance.

I am about to go on my annual walkabout until the end of August. From September 1 we will be recharged, and ready to go find the fish you dream about. Till next tide, see you on the water sometime!



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