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Fishing calendar 2022

2021 has been a difficult year, but 2022 looks promising. The good thing is that fish don't get Covid. We open for business, and in fact have never been closed, nor have our borders ever been. This will be my 13th year of fishing and spearfishing charters, and there is still a lot of fish to catch, before i'm done. 

Rocknrolla has a brand new pair of 150hp yamahas, so we good with reliability for the next couple of years. That boat raises fish! 

I have a beachfront house, with two bedrooms, still available between now and beginning January 2022. Anyone who is interested should contact me asap.

Jan the 2nd, the moon is good for fishing, and we have space for 2 left going up to Pomene from Silver Fish Lodge. Its 48 nautical miles, so we fish going up, stay in a cottage on the beach for 3 nights, fish all day, then fish back down on day four. The order of the day there is popping, dropshot and jig. Anyone interested, speak to me. Fishing is usually very good, weather permitting.

Feb we going back to Watamu, Kenya for our annual GrandSlam trip. One of the groups have booked a 24hr trip, going for Broadbill at night. A billfish Grandslam is any three billfish caught in a 24 hr timespan, so they stand an excellent chance. I can still get a group of Two/three in, but we running out of time.

 Feb is the best time for Marlin, and its one of the few places where we can get Black, Blue, Striped Marlin, Sailfish and Short billed Spearfish, together with a Broadbill Swordfish. Going to be Epic, as always. Kenya requires a negative pcr test, without further quarantine needed. Flights are easier this year because we fly into Niarobi, then onto Malindi-45 min trip. If this interests you, be quick. 

March we planned a 12 day Fishing and Gorongosa trip for a group of Norwegians, which we had to put on hold because of flight restrictions from Europe. Crazy because we have few infections and very few deaths from Covid here. Google it, you will be surprised. 

June i'm hosting an experienced  Spearfishing group, from the States, on a 40ft cat liveaboard for 6 nights, on the Primieras and Segundas reefs, 40 miles offshore. This is a 100 mile reef system, and I only charter the best captains, with proven track records. Fly in to Quelimane, where we leave late afternoon, and will be at the reef at sunrise. Weeks still available for Spearo and line fishermen groups up to 5. Spearing is primarily for Dogtooth Tuna, and rod and reel fishing is mostly popping and jigging. May, June, July is that season. 

Never get so busy surviving , that you forget to live your life. Speak to me, Etienne, to tailor-make your hunt for trophy fish. If i dont get back to you straight away, its because im offshore fishing. Whatsapp me on +258846278587. 

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